Hello. My name is Brian Sorenson and I am a life-long Minnesota resident. I grew up on the family farm in south-central Minnesota and cherish the rural life, nature and my family.

I began my professional career working in the pre-press department of a printing company in southern Minnesota after completing college. That job laid the foundation for how important proper design is. Properly-sized images in submitted files, using the correct color space and paying attention to correct dimensions makes everyone’s life easier. Following that, I spent fourteen years growing, evolving and constantly learning as a graphic designer working first exclusively in print and then in an online role. During that time I was tasked with developing and designing an outdoors-focused magazine, creating marketing materials and marketing plans for a multitude of projects and brands and being an integral part of guiding my employer’s new media direction. As that online direction evolved and grew, I was tasked with managing the social media presence for customers as well as developing websites and performing SEO for local businesses and developing websites.

Having grown in both design and marketing, I have now taken the role of Marketing and Communications Manager for a company with a presence throughout the upper midwest with sales in the low eight figures. I market a variety of products, events and educational programs to a growing and vibrant customer base. In this role I am also responsible for my employer’s social media presence, designing signage and periodical catalogs, writing press releases, creating product descriptions, developing and maintaining the company website, photographing products and events and staging well-attended events numerous times each year.

A recurring theme throughout my work history is experimentation with technology, writing and photography. In the past I have written television reviews for an entertainment website, a daddy blog which I now maintain on this website and an ongoing photo-of-the-day website which has drawn attention from a number Twin Cities media outlets.

Photography, as I mentioned, is another of my loves. Along with my wife, I chronicle the day-to-day life and scenery of the small community I call home.